Shane Mahoney

Shane Patrick Mahoney, President of Conservation Visions and Founder of the Wild Harvest Initiative®, is an internationally recognized conservationist and wildlife advocate, and is considered a foremost expert on the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

The former Executive Director of Sustainable Development and Strategic Science for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Shane is a strong believer in the benefits of communicating conservation science and hunting to the public. His views are respected across the entire spectrum of the conservation world - in the scientific and professional wildlife communities, as well as by NGOs, and the hunting and non-hunting public alike. A recipient of numerous awards, including the Gold Medal in Wildlife Science by the Caesar Kleberg Institute and Safari Club International’s Conservationist of the Year, Shane is considered a tireless worker on behalf of wildlife and a vocal proponent of sustainable use as a conservation tool. Today, he serves as Deputy-Chair of IUCN’s Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi), International Liaison for the Wildlife Society, and Deputy President of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation’s (CIC) Policy and Law Division.

Conservation Visions’ motto, “One Natural World, One Humanity, One Chance… Conservation Matters,” reflects Shane’s certainty that the conservation movement is more important today, than ever before.

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