Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia

The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia was established in 1966 to represent the guide outfitting industry. We envision a province with a strong, stable outfitting industry and abundant big game populations for all to enjoy, today and in the future. As passionate advocates for wildlife, we are the recognized voice of the outfitting family in British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories of Canada. With integrity and professionalism, we promote the conservation, stewardship and sustainable use of wildlife. We believe that what we appreciate, appreciates.

Hunters feel it’s important to be connected with the origins of food. Wild meat is natural, organic, and contains no steroids, artificial colours, synthetic hormones or other chemicals.  It is typically lower in fat and higher in protein than domestic meat. Hunters know we are what we eat and believe that how an animal lives and how it dies matters.  Responsible hunters profoundly love wildlife and diligently adhere to the tenets of fair chase, practicing their art to ensure harvests are as humane as possible. 

Guide outfitters have a rich tradition of practicing sustainable hunting and wise use of wildlife resources. Outfitters and hunter-conservationists embracing the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation have helped many wildlife species recover and thrive.  In BC, for example, whitetail deer, Rocky Mountain elk, Roosevelt elk, and black bear populations all recovered from near extinction circa 1900 and, today, are healthy and growing.

Members of GOABC are also passionate about giving back.  Most operate family businesses in rural communities which contribute significantly to local economies. Outfitters annually attract thousands of visitors who, on average, spend more per capita than their tourist counterparts. Recognizing a need within their own communities, GOABC members launched the Fair Chase Food program in 1993.  This program has delivered more than 425,000 pounds of nutritious food to families in need and local charities throughout British Columbia. 

GOABC has been a member of the Wild Harvest Initiative® Alliance since its inception.  We believe this is a great way to quantify the food that comes from our land and ultimately establish the value of wildlife to our food system. A significant aspect of healthy people and a healthy planet is knowing where our food comes from; we are pleased to partner with the WHI in this vital work. 

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