Driftwood Valley Outfitters

We are Driftwood Valley Outfitters Ltd. We started operating in 1987. Michael Schneider was 19, with his then girlfriend Manuela, when he took over the business from his father making this a second-generation family business. Our two guide areas reside in the great north of British Columbia and encompass over 940,000 acres of land with 18 different camps. We love the outdoors dearly and appreciate all the time we get to spend out there.

Our area is mainly dominated by two different types of country. The low country is sprawling rivers, swamps and lakes where nearby moose, wolves, and bears make their homes. The high country is made up of magnificent mountain ranges with an abundance of mountain goat, high alpine bear, wolf, and caribou populations. We advocate for conservation of wildlife and preservation of habitat.

When we were first presented with the idea of the Wild Harvest Initiative, we were immediately impressed. The process of providing data on how wildlife and habitat could be evaluated is something that we believe is important for the future of wildlife. This program has the potential to make tremendous positive impacts, and is something we are excited to support. Also, this data may very well impact how wildlife and nature are valued culturally by future generations – a venture well worth supporting.