DSC Foundation

The sole mission of the DSC Foundation is to serve the mission and vision of the Dallas Safari Club to conserve wildlife and wild places, to advocate for hunter’s rights, and to educate youth, ensuring a future of sportsmen and women and conservationists by the thousands.

DSC Foundation is also tasked to promote, establish, and conduct science-based research supporting sustainable use wildlife conservation and the role of well-regulated hunting; to create and maintain a library of primary and secondary research relating to wildlife conservation made available to the public; to develop educational programs that promote the concept and benefits of sustainable use wildlife conservation and well-regulated hunting globally; and, to provide grants otherwise partner with other charitable, educational, and governmental organizations pursuing the same or similar goals as the Dallas Safari Club.

The Dallas Safari Club is the founding sponsor of the Wild Harvest Initiative®. “This research isn’t just fascinating. It’s critical to help modern society understand the full scale of hunting on this continent, and of the natural, organic, sustainable food that today’s hunters provide for their families,” said Ben Carter, former DSC executive director. “Additionally, this research will help all of us understand the hidden costs when hunting traditions are eroded – or attacked.”